Story-line module unproperly displayed

Oct 16, 2019

Hello there,

I've been working in a translation adjustment from ro to ro . IN the preview interface especially in questions  texts does not align with the little squares that needs to be ticked.

Another thing is that in multiple answers some slides overlaps wrong in the preview.

please send me your recommendations.

Thanks in advance!


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Chester Morales

Hi Gianina! Welcome!

Correct me if I'm wrong but are you having problems with your Question slides, specifically texts, not aligning properly? This happens to me whenever I copy-paste question slides from different projects and use the Slide View to edit my questions.

What works for me is to always use the Form View to edit the questions. Also, whenever I encounter this on certain question slides, I copy-paste the choices and put them below the list (the one with Click to enter a choice) leaving the top part blank. Once you save it or switch to Slide view, it will recreate it.

What version of Storyline are you using? Try the trick I mentioned above.

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