Story line quiz slide advancing problem

Seeking Storyline Wisdom:  I have a training verification slide (1.1) where the student enters their name and then selects a multiple choice question/answer.   I set the Submit button varibles:

  • If they chose "I agree" it should jump to the Congratulations slide (1.2). 
  • If they choose "I disagee" or "I am not sure" is should jump to the Incomplete slide (1.3)

The problem is that no matter what the user selects, it always advances to the Congratulations slide.   I am sure this is something simple that I am missing, but I am still a beginner to storyline.  Can someone help please?

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Meryem M


I uploaded an edited story file.  What I did was delete your trigger to submit the interaction.  Since you don't have correct or incorrect layers, that trigger was simply moving to the next slide, and your IF triggers never fired. 

Try it now and see if this works for you.