Story Reacts Very Slowly on Android Tablet

Jun 11, 2013

I have a story that is self-contained Simulator.  All navigation and functions are performed through buttons built into the story.  Navigation buttons take users to another slide (non-linear, I specify each slide).  When selecting a button to navigate to another slide, there is a long delay (avg. 6 seconds) before the new page appears.  Most of the graphics are at the Slide Master Level.  Only unique buttons and text boxes are changed when loading a new page.

There is no delay when running on a PC.  Delay only occurs Android devices (tried on several different types of Android devices with the same results). No requirement for IOS (not attempted).

Any ideas for what can be causing this long delay when navigating page to page on an android tablet?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ania!

This thread is a bit dated. You are welcome to send Art a message via 'Contact Me' on his profile in case he is not subscribed. 

If you would like to provide some more details about the issue that you are experiencing, perhaps someone could assist you.

As shared with you here, be sure that all the system requirements are being met.

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