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tracy tan

Hi Ashley

Thank you for your answer. 

I have another questions about the slide play

1)  I want system to jump to next slide when user click the next button .  I have changed the player trigger "jump to next slide when user click the next button", however I found system still auto run to the next slide without clicking "next button".

I tried to add a slide trigger "jump to next slide when user click the next button",  but it also does not work. which one should I use? what's the difference between "slide trigger" and "player trigger"

2) Is there a way to apply all slides instead of doing it slide by slide?

Thank you very much!



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tracy,

Did you also look at the slide properties to see if it was set up to advance automatically or by user? You'll want to choose by user. Slide trigger vs. player trigger will determine the order in which things happens and what elements the trigger is associated with. You can read more about the trigger order here and some general trigger information here. 

As for applying it to all slides, you won't be able to apply the same trigger across multiple slides, but you can copy and paste triggers so that way you don't have to create it from scratch each time.