Storyline 1 - Cascading editing, manipulating one resource across multiple slides.

So I have made a tool that allows you to check and compare two systems.

I have had some revisions I need to make, which in this instance I will have to do across multiple slides, however I was wondering is it possible to have a singluar resource that changes across all slides to save on edit time.

So for instance, the image credit link button on the bottom of the slide needs to made slightly smaller. I have to change it across every slide rather than change just the front page one that then cascades changes to wherever else the resource is. Or I need to capitalise the "P" in Staff process. I have to again do this for every slide rather than just once. 

Any suggestions?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Tom,

It would likely have to be something to be done on a slide master to change it across slides. Otherwise you'll need to edit each slide and republish. 

Other users may have a method to edit the published output, and please note that we cannot support modifications to the published output.