Storyline 1 & Customizing the Search Toolbar

Dec 08, 2014


I am looking for ways to customize the search functionality in a project.

I'm developing an interactive employee handbook for my company and due to sheer amount of language from California labor laws I need to include, I want to make it easy for my users to search for specific terms.

The way I've created the tool uses a slide-out menu (layer) for various sections. Because I have the same slide-out menu on every page, the search bar displays false-positive results.

For instance, if I search for military in the content, 16 sections appear in the search results.

My Question: Is there a way to circumvent the search tool from scanning specific layers? 

I was thinking about using a lightbox slide for this menu, but I prefer how the slide-out menu looks.

Thanks for thoughts!



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Cody Salinas

Howdy, Ashley.

That's what I thought. I created a slight workaround, it's not elegant in the slightest, but it does what I want with searches. I created a "Menu" scene and when a user clicks a slideout menu tab, I make the transition seamless and as though the user never left the current scene.

Thanks again for replying, Ashley.


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