Storyline 1 - Navigation restrictions with custom buttons crosslinked on multiple slides

Oct 26, 2014

I have a number of navigation buttons on a first slide. It should work that only button #1 is in normal state until the activites on a content slide or scene have been completed. A "Back to the first slide" button is then pressed. When pressed the "Back to the first slide" button should change variable "A" from false to true and jump back to the first slide. Back on the first slide, a slide trigger tells button #2 to change state from disabled to normal if variable "A" now is now set to true. Button #2 should now be normal and the user can move on to the next set of activities. Unfortunately this does not work. Button #2 does not change states. I have tried all combinations of slide settings that deal with revisiting without success. I have tried changing the order of the triggers. I have tried associating the trigger with the button rather than the slide. No success.

Any suggestions?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Donald

here is a quick example I did in SL2.

First slide has 2 buttons that go to 2 diff slides.  On the second and third slides there is a button back to slide 1.  The button to slide 3 is in hidden initial state and becomes 'enabled' when the timeline starts on slide 1 if button to slide 2 state is 'visited'.

If this isn't what you mean do you want to upload your story file

 Sorry I am re-installing SL1 at the moment and will give it a go in there

Donald Ardiel

Thank you Wendy for this quick response.

Following your logic, I have modified the presentation that you sent by adding a 4th slide and a 3rd button on slide 1.  Unfortunately, the 3rd button does not work. I may be wrong, and I hope I am, but I suspect that the solution that you have provided works when there are only 2 slides since there is only one timeline. 

I would appreciate it if you could look at my modification and tell me how I have not followed your lead correctly.



Stephanie Harnett

Hi Don. I modified Wendy's example to include variables. The slide 2 button is defaulting to normal assuming another slide has been completed. The slide 3 button is disabled. If you click on slide 2 it sets a variable called "slide2done' to true and goes back to slide 1. The helper text now indicates you should click the slide 3 button and that button is in the normal state now. Clicking the slide 3 button sets the "slide3done" variable to true and upon returning hides the helper text. You can also add a state called "done" to each button so that there is a visual like a checkmark indicating that section is done. Hope that helps.

Donald Ardiel

Thank you Stephanie and Wendy for your help thus far.

I have remade the presentation with 10 slides to see if the odd behaviour about the "Visited" state repeats. It does. 

I have change the "Visited" state to feature as bright red. Although the slide has been visited and the variables change, the change in the visible appears of the visited appearance of the button only works for every other button. Any ideas?

Wendy Farmer

Hey Don

I have tried your .story file and it's not working as expected.

I have recreated in both SL1 and SL2 and cannot get either to work as expected.  I created a new project and imported your project in...still no joy.

I changed buttons to rectangles, created custom visited states, added triggers, removed triggers, added variables, removed must be ripping your hair out — I sure am ;-)

Perhaps a 'SuperHero' can help or you might want to upload the story and submit a case to support.

I'll keep tinkering during the day - maybe another shot of coffee will help the brain kick in...

Donald Ardiel

Hi Wendy:

As you can see, all of my hair got pulled out long ago.

I have tried going back to the actual presentation I am working on and had success getting the buttons to work as far as navigation goes but still, even in a completely different presentation, only every other button reveals the correct "visited" state. I am stymied.

I think I will submit this to support.


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