Storyline 2 -> 360 - ALT Text Issues

Sep 03, 2019

Hi there. When upgrading a course from Storyline 2 to 360, all of the ALT text for the button states revert back to "Rectangle 2" or something to do with the button shapes. The main button has the correct ALT text such as "Next" or something, but the ALT Text for the state over rides it.

The fix, would be to go into every single button and update the ALT text for each state - but that is a huge work effort in a large course.

Has anyone else found an efficient way to tackle this bug?



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Lauren Connelly

Hi Bill!

Would you mind sharing a screenshot of what you're noticing? Alt text is included when upgrading a course to Storyline 360. 

There are a few reasons a course might appear differently after upgrading. One is that it is not saved locally. And the other is that objects were included in the file that might not be supported in Storyline. This includes image formats, downloaded text, or even other imported files.

Bill Larocque

I'll grab a screenshot for you Lauren. It seems to be isolated to shapes that are used as navigation elements in the course.

If you open Storyline 2, create a rectangle shape and add ALT text that says "next", then add a trigger to get the button to go to the next slide. Open the project in Storyline 360, publish the module and go through in JAWS. When you tab to the button JAWS will now say "Rectangle 1" instead of Next.

If you inspect the object, you will see the ALT text is still there, but on a State level, the ALT text is not 'Next' but 'Rectangle 1". The ALT text in the states over ride the ALT text on the main object.

In order to correct this, the developer will need to go into each object, edit the states and add the correct ALT text to each state - quite a huge work effort in a really large course...



Lauren Connelly

Hello Bill!

I appreciate the detailed explanation! I understand what you are saying. It would be helpful to see what the triggers are set up as.

Are you able to share your file? You can share the file in this discussion by using the "Add Attachment" button. If you prefer to share it privately, use this link and I'll take a look! 

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