Storyline 2 – Correct Answer Bug

Oct 06, 2016

I was asked to edit a huge quiz for a client in Storyline 2. I was trying to figure out why the answer choices wouldn't line up even though they were left justified, when I discovered if you mouseover the answer choices, the correct answer hover state doesn't change. Thus, if you were an observant student, you could ace the 100 question test just by mousingover the answer choices.

Has anyone else seen this on multiple choice quiz questions?

Is this a known bug?

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Andre Chatelain

I inherited this project so I'm not sure how all the questions were created. When I create a brand new multiple choice question, all of the hover states are the same, so I'm guessing it has something to do with how the quiz was created.

Is there an easy way to fix the hover state for the correct answer for all 100 of the questions, or do I have to go into each question?