SL3: Quiz Review Slides don't show what would have been correct?

Jul 16, 2019

In a quiz I use quite a few different question formats. When reviewing my quiz result I find that some slides show me what would have been the correct solution (if I was wrong), while others just show my choices and a statement that my choices were incorrect at the bottom of the slide.

This happens on slides of the "Drag and Drop Interaction" and "Pick Many"-Format. It seems to me that "Freeform Question"-Slides can't show the correct result in a review? Is this correct, and if yes, is there a hack to make them do this?



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Wendy Farmer

You are correct Frank

Freeform Quiz slides won't show correct answers.  I create a custom review layer for these types of questions - here is an rough sample of a Pick One that is set up for multiple FITB.  On the custom review layer I mimic what the default looks like for FITB which is the correct tick and response below the entry field.



Frank Weber

Hi Wendy,

Thanks a lot for your Feedback. I think I get the idea. Where do I have to place this custom review layer? If I place it in the question slide it will show as soon as somebody clicks on "Send", right?

Where do I have to put the layer if I only want to be shown if someone clicks on the "review quiz" - button?


Wendy Farmer

Hi Frank

create a T/F variable eg reviewQ and place a trigger on the result slide on the Review button to change the variable to true when use4 clicks review button - make sure that trigger is before the jump to xx slide trigger.

 On each quiz slide where you want the layer set a trigger

show layer Review when timeline starts  on condition that reviewQ=true


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