Resetting quiz to unanswered state

Dec 03, 2015

Hopefully this is the right place to post this.

I've used a sequence of quiz slides to create a test in Storyline. Feedback is set to none and the first time a user see's their performance is at the end of the test. The result slides contains a review quiz, retry quiz and a next button. If I review quiz from the result slide, I see how I answered the question with feedback as well as what the correct answer should be.  If i retry quiz from the result slide, the questions are reset and i can attempt the test again. If i click on next and then navigate back to the test the questions have not been reset and i can not attempt the question again.

I've tried varying the slides "When "revisting" property but this doesn't resolve it.

Would appreciate some help.


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Christie Pollick

Hi, Stuart -- Thanks for sharing your file and I better understand the behavior you have described. I would like for our Support Engineers to dig a little deeper and make some suggestions you could try to address this issue, so I will go ahead and submit a ticket with your file to our Support Staff. You will be contacted shortly be a member of that team, and I intend to follow along and share relevant updates here in the thread for others who could benefit, as well. :)

Stephanie Medina

I have similar issues, I have a course set up that is modular based, at the end of each module is a results slide, at the very end of the course there is a main results slide that calculates from all of the other results slides for each module. If I am on a module (e.g. module 2) and I select answers that are incorrect, I have the results slide at the end the module set to restart them at the beginning of that module and they must complete it and answer each question correctly in order to advance to the next module. I have each slide set to "reset to initial state", and a trigger on the Retake Button that is supposed to reset. However it is not clearing the answers I set previously so I am unable to answer them again, even after changing the number of attempts allowed. ??? Please help.


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