Allow learners to revisit and re-attempt questions in quiz

Nov 15, 2016

I have a quiz with 8 questions and a result slide. I want the learners to be able to navigate back to the questions (from the menu) after finishing the quiz so that they can re-attempt specific questions.

However, after getting to the result slide, when the menu is used to navigate back to a question, the question is locked and cannot be re-attempted (even though the  slide is set to 'reset to initial state' upon re-visiting).

I've discovered the only way to 'unlock' the questions in a quiz after getting to the result slide is to use a 'reset results' trigger - e.g. on a 'retry quiz' button. However this is not ideal - we want the learner to be able to revisit and re-attempt questions using the menu. Is this even possible in storyline?

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Karen OBrien

Thanks for the suggestion Ashley! Unfortunately it does't suit our purposes as we require that the questions are submitted after each question (we have correct/incorrect feedback in each). Would I be right in thinking what I am trying to achieve (using the menu to re-attempt a specific quiz question) is just not possible?

Tom W

Hi there.

I'm trying something similar - I need users to be able to submit their answers, save them, and then be able to revisit them at any time and amend them. I need each iteration of their answers to be passed to the LMS.

It doesn't seem possible, as you have to visit the results slide in order for anything to be passed to the LMS, but as soon as you do visit the results slide, any further answers that are submitted, or any amendments to existing answers, aren't passed to the LMS. Once the results slide is visited, the quiz is essentially over and no more information can be passed to the LMS. Resetting the quiz isn't an option for me, as that resets all the answers, which is no good.

Can anyone think of another way to achieve what I'm trying? I can't think of any other method, as using a results slide is the only way I'm aware of that will get answers passed to an LMS.

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