Want quiz options to be reselected if user come back and reattempt the same question using previous button

Jun 25, 2020

I have a quiz with 10 questions and a result slide. I want the learners to be able to navigate back to the questions (Using the previous button) at any point of time during assessment. 

However, when I attempt the first incorrect option and click submit and go to the next question now when i come back to the question number 1 now i can re-select the option again. but on same scenario if i select the correct option and click submit and now if I come back then its not allowing me to re-attempt the question.

This is doable if i keep the question slide on "reset to initial state" but in this case i will not get the selected option which i selected first time.

So I have kept the slide on "saved state" so that user get the last selected option also.

please suggest is this even possible in Storyline? or only I am facing this thing.





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Lauren Connelly

Hi Neeraj!

I'm happy to help!

This can be done by adjusting the number of attempts for each question. In this sample file that I've attached to this reply, I have two attempts for both questions. Users can submit an answer and then move onto the next question. If the question was answered incorrectly on the first try, then they'll have one more attempt even if they've moved onto the next question.

I'm here if you have additional questions!

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