Next / Previous button options on Quiz / Knowledge Checks

Dec 20, 2018

How do you set the Next / Previous buttons properties for a Knowledge Check / Quiz question? 

Upon first access of a question, only the Submit button appears, which is what I want it to do. However, if students navigate back to a question they've already answered, the Next/Previous buttons now appear.  I need to set which slides the Next/Previous buttons navigate to when revisiting the question, but since the slide properties do NOT have the Next/Previous buttons selected, there aren't automatic triggers for them.  Right now, the Next/previous buttons are trying to default to the "next/previous" slide, however in my course, I need them to jump to different slide.

If I select the Next/Previous buttons in the slide properties, then they appear on first access of the question along with the Submit button, and I don't want that to happen.

I hope this is making sense.

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Kimberly Lococo

Thanks for the response! I am using Storyline360 and some of steps from the "Solutions" post you shared don't quite align with 360 since the slide layers no longer have the gear icon. These  are the steps I took but it still isn't working.

1. From the question Base layer, I selected the Properties gear icon and selected the Next/Previous buttons.

2. In the Triggers panel on the Base layer, I changed the Next button properties to Jump to the slide I need to move to which is in the first scene of the course.

3. Then I copied the updated Next trigger and pasted into both the Correct and Incorrect question layers.

4. Lastly, I removed the Next/Previous settings from the Base layer properties so only the Submit button appears.

This course has a menu slide in the first scene. Each button on the menu jumps to a new scene which ends with several quiz questions. The final question in each quiz is set to jump back to Menu slide in Scene 1.  When I revisit the final question slide in each scene, the Previous button works correctly and still takes me to the previous question. However, the Next button doesn't move anywhere even though I have it set to jump back to the Menu.  I end up being stuck not being able to move forward in the course.

Am I missing something in the steps I took?

Thank you!

Crystal Horn

Hey Kimberly.  Thanks for letting us know what you did.  The only difference I notice is that you pasted the Next/Prev triggers into the feedback layers.  You can try pasting them in the base layer after removing the Next/Prev button.

In the discussion that Leslie mentioned, there was another solution listed by Lauren.  You may want to have a look at that one too.  And since that discussion is a bit more populated, I would recommend following up there as well for more expert design eyes and ideas!

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