Prev/Next Button Triggers Upon Revisit of Quiz Slides

Sep 22, 2015

I have created a quiz slide where only the submit button is visible. Once the user clicks submit and then returns to the slide the next and previous buttons appear (this is what I want to happen). However, when I click on the previous button it doesn’t take me to the slide that is previous to that one in the story view. Is there a way to edit the previous and next buttons that appear upon revisiting the quiz slide? There are no player triggers for next and previous buttons since they don’t appear unless the slide is revisited.

  •  I don’t want ot have the prev/next buttons on the slide with the submit button
  • I don’t want it to resume initial state, because then they won’t have their answer or feedback available to review.


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Michael Crouch

Hi Sharon, funnily enough I have had the same issue.

However, my issue is slightly different, and I have a possible solution for you.

What you will need to do, is remove all of your buttons, and use your own custom buttons.

This way you can edit them, hide/show when you want.


Then what you will need to do is when revisiting, make it so the the Previous button is not visible on the 1st page, as it will indeed take you to the previous page you were just on.

This is something I have struggled with, within Articulate, what we need is a "back" button, not a "go the the previous screen" button, because thats essentially what is occurring.

I hope this helps you, but shout if you need further assistance. :)

Sharon Gregerson

Michael, Thanks for your idea on a work-around. I think that will work. I was hoping there was just a simple way to edit the triggers for those buttons. Since the issue is only on 2 slides I'd hate to take the time to add custom buttons on all of the other slides.

Christie, I don't know if there is a simple answer for this: Why does the previous button not go to the previous slide in the course, but the side that comes after it, technically the next slide?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sharon,

The previous button will take you to the last slide seen by the user vs. the slide as it's seen in the story view. Think of more like a browser back button. If you're seeing something different, as you mentioned the next slide, I think we'd want to take a look at your .story file.  The previous and next button triggers aren't accessible on the main quiz slide as they're only a part of the review element. 

Sharon Gregerson

That makes sense in the terms of it being like a browser back button. Is there any way to change that trigger to be the previous slide in the story, not the previously viewed slide? Essentially if the user goes from slide 1,2,3,4 and then on 4 they click previous to slide 3 (the quiz slide), if they click the previous button on slide 3 they get brought back to 4. There is no way for them to get back to slides 1 and 2 unless I add the menu.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sharon,

Are you only seeing this on quiz slides? The previous/next buttons aren't visible until review if you're using the submit button on each slide, so you won't see those triggers to adjust them on the base slide. I've heard of folks adding the triggers in and then just removing the buttons from the slide properties - and when you add in the triggers you can determine which slide it will bring the user to vs. following the previous/next set up. 

Wendy Farmer

Hi Steve

I'vedone a sample file but I'm just out of my office at the moment. I can send to you when I get back if you like.

Gist is:

create a variable reviewQ that is triggered on result when user clicks 'review' quiz.

on each quiz slide add triggers change state of next/prev button to hidden when timeline starts on condition that variable reviewQ=true

Dennis Neufeld

Hi Sharon,

I see that this post is quite old, but I just ran into the same problem and the solutions below weren't helpful for my situation.

Here's what I was experiencing:  A series of quiz slides in one scene.  After submitting the final question and receiving feedback, the "continue" button links to a new scene.  In the new scene, hitting the "prev" button takes me back to the final quiz slide (just like I wanted).  But now, instead of a "submit" button, there's a "next" button.  The next button tries to jump to the next slide in the scene, but this is the FINAL slide in this scene .... so nothing happens.  Since the next button only appears upon revisiting the slide, I can't edit its target destination via the triggers.

I don't want custom buttons for just one slide - aesthetic continuity.

Here's what I did:

Create a new true/false VARIABLE (I called mine QuizDone) and set its initial value to false.  Create a trigger that adjusts the variable to a value of TRUE when the user clicks the "submit" button. 

Enable the "next" button on the final quiz question.  Create a trigger that sets the "next" button to disable when the timeline starts on the condition that the variable QuizDone is equal to false.  Set it's destination to the desired location.  For me it was the next scene.

Problem solved!  Now, the next button will be disabled until the user has submitted a response.  When returning to the slide, the next button now takes me to the desired location.  This could work exactly the same for your issue (with the previous button).

Hope this helps.

Linda Scott

I was having this same problem that Dennis noted above and found this thread. A comment in Dennis's post above helped me implement a really simple solution:  add a slide within the scene after the last quiz question so that the (previously hidden) Next button that appears when you revisit the last quiz slide now has something to go to.  In my case, I just moved the first slide of the next scene to the end of the quiz scene and then altered the menu in the player so it still looks like it is part of its original scene as far as the viewer is concerned.  Works perfectly now!

Jesse Anderson

Because I ran into this problem and found an alternative solution halfway through reading this thread, I thought I too would share my thoughts on an old thread. I inserted a filler slide after my quiz that simply jumps to the next scene as soon as the slide starts. 

When you take the quiz, the continue button on the correct layer jumps directly to the next scene. If you click back to review, it takes you to the last quiz question. The "review-induced" next button sends you to my filler page, which immediately redirects you to the next scene again. 

I'm not shy about building variables when needed, but the filler slide with a single trigger was about as simple as it could be.

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