Storyline 2 HTML5 menu titles not showing correctly in a certain circumstance

We have a situation with our HTML5 builds.

Part of our design in that we may have side-by-side slides that have similar or "continued" content within a scene. For example, we might have point A on slide 12 and 13, then the next point B on slide 14.

However, another part of our design is to not show the "continued" slides in the menu. The idea here is that the menu items are like sub-lessons, or points within lessons. So using the above example we show slide 12, then show slide 14.

The problem arises when we publish. Using the example listed above, 

  • when we review in the Flash build, and look at the Menu on slide 13, the menu links looks intact, with the scene header at the top and links down the tree.
  • when we review in the HTML5 build, and look at the Menu on slide 13, the menu only shows the scene name, with no tree branches.

Has anyone else run into this issue? Is there a fix I can make in CSS or somewhere else?

Thanks for your help.


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