Hiding scenes based on language selection

Oct 06, 2022

i have a course to be done in 6  languages. am planning to do them in one scene for each language.  i will have one slide in the beginning where the user will select a language which will taken them to the respective scene. in the side menu i want to be able to show only the language selection slide first and then once i go to the scene the side menu for that scene can be displayed. is there a way to control this navigation. i.e show only language selections slide and side menu first and then show only that language scene and side menu.

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Judy Nollet

The items in the built-in Menu can't be re-arranged or deleted in a published course. You'd have to build custom menus.

Note that there is another issue with having multiple languages within one course: the Text Labels. Those are part of the Player.

That text is used for player-level messages. It includes the names for certain buttons, such as Prev, Next, and Continue. It also includes message text, such as the warning about having to select an answer before clicking Submit; the message about whether to resume or start over when a user returns to course; and other text for dialog boxes. 

The Text Labels are available in many languages. But you can only select one language, which will then be used throughout the course. So, for example, a user might select to take the course in French or Japanese or whatever languages you have in your scenes. But they'd see all the system messages in whatever language you have set for the Text Labels. 

That's why it's best to use different Storyline files for each language, and then have the LMS set up to allow them to select a language.