Storyline 2 HTML5 Output - Numeric Entry Quiz Slide Won't Auto Advance When Passing Custom Variables to LMS

Feb 19, 2016

I am using quiz slides to pass numerous custom variables to a results slide, and in turn to the Moodle LMS. In the HTML5 output version the numeric entry quiz slides will not auto-submit and advance after I assign my custom variable to the numeric entry field.  If I type over the value put into the numeric entry field as a user and then hit return, the slide then advances. Sample Storyline file attached.

Both numeric and text entry quiz slides work fine in Flash and pass all variables in without stopping, and the text entry quiz slides work fine in HTML 5 as well (auto-submitting and advancing without issue).

It appears that the HTML5 version of the numeric entry quiz slide will not advance without user input.  Is there any sort of workaround here?  Perhaps I'm doing something wrong, but I've been trying numerous techniques for days, to no avail.  I really need to pass in custom numeric variables for a survey to be analyzed, as well as to assign points for custom games.

Any assistance is appreciated.  Thank you!


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