Storyline 2 interface

Jun 25, 2015

Hi everyone!  I am super excited about having upgraded to SL2.  Particularly undocking the timeline and other tools and using them on a second display!

I'm hoping that there are options available to adjust the window colors.  The interface, (meaning the ribbon, timeline, scene, triggers, layers) while very elegant has a lot of bright white and gray space with a lovely blue accent for highlighted options... but for my taste and comfort, is rather washed out.  I anticipate eye strain problems, power drain issues when running on laptop battery power, etc.

Please tell me that we can customize personal options for the appearance of window colors on the storyline 2 interface.  I don't want to change my already customized MS Windows settings for everything else.  I already have all of that just how I like it.

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Brandon  Clark

Well, Christine, I've submitted a feature request, but that seems about as helpful as shouting to god.  I am certainly worried about my eyes.  I am expected to spend a lot of time looking at this tool for work.  Dimming the screen will affect my ability to perceive color.  I don't want my design to suffer because I have to dim my screen to look at this interface. 

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