Storyline 2: Largest video file size and duration SL2 can handle

Sep 15, 2015

Hello Community,

I'm curious as to the largest video file size SL2 can handle?  Also, what is the longest running time SL2 can handle?

I've a client that wants to have a 90 minute video playback through their LMS.

As a video editor, SL2 is not a video editing tool.  So I'm using Camtasia to trim start and end points that we received from another company.  Trimming the end point in SL2 was next to impossible due to SL2 not updating quickly.

Upon importing the video in MP4 format (158MB), SL2 drastically slows down when publishing the eLearning.  This is expected - it is the length of a feature film!  ;-)

We could break them into smaller sessions (next time) yet this is a tight deadline where it was wanted yesterday.

I appreciate your thoughts and comments.

Enjoy your day.





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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kenneth,

I don't know that we have a "record" example to share - so I'll defer to the community to share expertise on what they've set up. There isn't a limit, but as you're aware the larger the video the longer it'll take to: save your Storyline file, publish it, and allow the user to play it back depending on their overall browser/connection speed and playback. 

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