Storyline 2 on a Windows 8.1 tablet

Jan 27, 2015


I'm trying to get a storyline 2 published file to play on a Windows 8.1 tablet.  The normal story (not html5) plays beautiful, but the DRAG and DROP doesn't because the screen moves when you try to drag.  Any ideas???

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Pauline Hanekom

Hi Ashley,

I don't mind that the variable references and text entries change font, doesn't look too bad.  But it even happens in normal text boxes.  All I can think of doing is changing the font everywhere to Times Roman (as that is where it defaults to), but I really don't like the look.  

Hi Phil,

I'm running locally.  It's a gorgeous little tablet and the drag and drop works beautifully now that I've published to CD.  It's just the font changes that's still bugging me.


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