Storyline 2 Optimization for Low Speed Internet. (756k)

Jun 09, 2015

I need some advice on optimization for low internet connections. My target audience will be on a variety of internet speeds. The lowest at (756k).

My project consists of an audio track for each slide. I was thinking of creating a two scenes. One with audio, one without. The learner chooses at the start if they want (Audio or No Audio). The course is linear, so my thought is if the learner chooses the (No Audio) version, only the scene with no audio will load. The scene with audio will not ever load thereby reducing the size of the streamed content.

Would this work?

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Steve Bogle

Thanks for the link Christie. However, I did not see any information that relates to my question. I want to be able to work with the software to maximize bandwidth efficiency so any detail in how storyline prioritizes loading would be helpful. All I can get from the support documentation is that Storyline prioritizes the first 3 slides then progressively loads the rest of the content. I need more information.

This is critical information for anyone planning on developing for mobile.

Mike B.


I haven't designed any audio only courses yet, but experience tells me that "audio only" is going to use very little bandwidth. We regularly stream audio and video simultaneously at half the bandwidth you mentioned.

If your audio is particularly long, break it up across several slides to minimize the data download required to get the course started. The subsequent slides should download in the background. Of course any graphics or other assets included in the course will play into the amount of bandwidth required.

It would be simple enough to create a test course with snippets of audio across several slides, publish online, and then view it on a phone to test.

Let me know if you need any help.



Mike B.


I never noticed this before, but you can also specify the audio bitrate when publishing your course. I inserted a nearly 2 hour .mp3 file into an empty course. The total published course size it only 53MB, which would take about 10 minutes to download at the speed you specified. Breaking the audio up across slides would allow this to play easily at low speeds.


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