Storyline 2: Question slides Freeze when result is submitted

May 20, 2015

Hi Community,

I am working on a module that has a few question slides. Question slides should "Reset to initial state" when revisiting.

Every thing works fine until the "Results" is submitted on result slide. When we go back to the Question slides from the result slide, the questions do not reset to initial state. This doe not happen in Storyline 1. In Storyline 1, Questions always reset to initial state. 

I can over come this issue by using "Reset results" trigger, however I am just wondering why question do not "Reset to initial state" once the result is submitted? Is it a desired SL2 functionality or a bug?

I have attached SL1, SL2 Source files and published packages are attached. 

Please note that I have the SL2 Update 5 installed. All testing was done locally and also on SCORM Cloud. 



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Hassan Mujtaba

Thanks for your help Terry. This does work as I had mentioned above in 3rd paragraph of my post. However, I am trying to understand  why "Reset to Initial state" does not work. If you take a look at Storyline 1 sample file that I attached, Questions reset upon revisit without adding Retry option on result slide. 



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