Storyline 2 removal of result slide question timer

Sep 15, 2015


I unchecked  the End Quiz After box as  I no longer want a timer there. I have 4 sets of 10 questions each and I have unchecked all of them but when I publish my course the timers starts to run as soon a the course starts and not when the first set of questions are displayed. 
Thank you for reading this problem and your recommendation.


Steve Blash

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Greta Blash

Thank you for replying Christie

For some reason the course is working now and not displaying the timer.
Yesterday after I updated my course with the changes they didn't take
effect and was still displaying the timer. I didn't tough it today but
when to view it from AO and it now works. Perhaps AO needs some time to
update the course after it has been uploaded . I have been working with
Victor regarding not getting a successful completion notice when I
upload my 83.88 MB file.

Steve Blash

Christie Pollick

Hi, Steve -- Thanks for the update, and a few things to always verify if you encounter strange behavior are:

Please make sure you are working locally as described here, and always be sure that your are testing your published output in the intended environment. 

And thanks for mentioning that you are working with Victor on case #00627319; I will take a peek and be sure to follow along. :)

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