Storyline 2 sample file

My company has been using SL1 for a number of years now and plan to move to SL2.  But our LMS tech team wants a sample SCORM that contains examples of all the new features so it can be tested before it can be made an official approved software.  Does Articulate provide such a storyline source file?  Or is there anyone out there that has done this already and is willing to share?

Thanks in advance for any and all help!

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Emily Ruby

Hello Gordon!

You can take a look at the information here regarding Storyline 2 features. And also check out the comparison chart of the 2 versions. I am sure others in the community who have created files highlighting the new features can share some demo samples, as i have seen several great demonstrations of sliders and such.

You could also download the free trial and check out some of our templates to get started.

Gordon UBS Lam

Hi Emily,


Thanks for your reply. It's just because there are so many new features in SL2 that I want to find an example file that contains most if not all of them in one; new animations, transitions, motion paths, triggers, new seek bar functions, hiding the next button, sliders, etc.  

I was hoping Articulate had such a file, but it seems not.  We already own a bunch of licenses, we are trying to avoid having one of our developers (probably me!) create something from scratch when it already exists somewhere.