Storyline 2 : Text placeholder formatting issue

Dec 08, 2014


I noticed that when i want to edit the format of a placeholder, the font size increase each time i modify any of the formatting options.

For exemple, i set my font size to 12, then i change the color, my font size change to 15, then i put my text in bold, the size change to 17,5 etc... I have reached a size of 425 just by making some color test.


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Emily Ruby

Hello Anthony,

Are you referring to the text boxes in the master slides? 

Please make sure you are working locally as described here. Has the occurred before, or is this the first time you have seen this? You could try following the steps listed here.

You could also share the file here to see if we can recreate the issue.

Anthony LEPOT


I am referring to this element :

I m working locally and I can't say if It has ever occured before because it's my first project in Storyline 2.

It seem than i am not able to reproduce the issue when i create new projects. But if i reload my previous project the issue is still here. So it may be a problem with my project's file

I join the .story file to this message.

Ben Sewell

It seems to be possible to recreate this in a new Storyline 2 file, by attempting to add two lines of differing coloured font to a single textbox placeholder.

For example, one textbox contains Myriad Pro, 255,255,255, 10 font, on the first line, but if I try a second line and change the font, it is fine until I click away. Then it reverts to white and grows in size.

I updated SL2 yesterday and this is a brand new project.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ben,

Did you see the item Emily linked in regards to it being a known issue within Storyline 2?

Emily Burnett


I was able to find a known issue regarding this. You can read about it here. Unfortunately I am unable to reproduce the issue from your file, as well as in a new file.

You could try importing this into a new file to see if it helps.

Is that the issue you're running into? 

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