Storyline 2. Text resizing issue

Oct 17, 2014

Hi Community,

I am facing a very strange and unexpected problem in Storyline 2. The problem is related to the text placeholders in the slide master. What I am noticing is when I apply formatting (such as change alignment or change font color), the size of the text in the placeholder automatically increases.

Please note that I am only noticing this issue in Storyline 2 files resized to a custom size. 

I have attached the Storyline file. The following steps will produce the error

1. Click View

2. Click Slide Master

3. Chose any layout in Slide Master

4. Select Master title style text box or Master text style text box

5. Change font color or change alignment

Has any one else countered this issue? 



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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Hassan,

Thanks for sharing your file here. I took a look and was able to replicate the problem in a brand new .story file as well. I've reported this to our QA team for additional review, and I don't have a timeframe to offer in regards to if it may be fixed. In the meantime, it appears you're able to change the font size back to what you'd desire from within the "Home" tab after adjusting for color and alignment. 

I'll post any additional updates here, so please ensure you're subscribed to the thread so that you receive any information via email.  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for checking in. I see where this issue was reported to our QA team for additional review in relation to how a custom story size cause the text on the slide master to change size. I don't have any other updates to share at this time, but I've added this thread to the existing report filed with our team so that they're aware of how many users are being impacted. 

Scott Hewitt


We've got the same problem.  We have a series of slide masters that are affected by changing font sizes and also font colour.

The issue is mainly font size although we've had the colour issue. Storyline even picked our custom colour!

All of our layout slides have a title text that is 28 point - Calibri - Justified right.

When we apply the layout in the story file the size increases to 28.5. Interestingly it wasn't consistent so we couldn't go with the 28.5 that Storyline preferred over our 28! :)

We can change the font via the Home tab to 28. It then stays at 28.

We've checked the master slide and everything is fine. All of the title text boxes are 28 with No Autofit. Interestingly on some of the slides we've got up to 5 text boxes and we've got several that are affected. 

We've got another where the text is set for 14 point on the master and then when we start working in storyline we get 17 point.

We have also had the colour change but this is quite rare.

I'm glad I come across this post as I was beginning to wonder what was going on - in the end we've just manually fixed all of the title boxes - hundreds of screens!

Good luck with the bug fix!

In terms of development time and consistency we hope that you get this one resolved.




Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Scott, 

It looks like the issue with the font size changing when using a change to the font color on the master slide was fixed as a part of Update 5 released at the end of last week. Have you downloaded and tried the update yet? You may also want to review all the fixes and features included as a part of this update. 

Chris Dorna

I am running on the latest version and have the same problem (changes in textformatting on layout do not appear on the slides itself) I earlier sent a file with a simular problem on feedback layouts and a technician form Articulate repaired the slide (Case #00556849). This was his comment:

It appears there's some unforeseen issues with the text boxes on the Feedback master. I've remove the text boxes from the affected master and recreated them. I've applied the correct colors, and the changes are now displaying in the slide layers. Attached is a copy of the updated story.

For the feedback master this works, but not on the layout master (especialy not on the title placeholder)

Carina Koren

I also have this issue with Storyline 2 - I work with a story size of 2047*1203 px. In the browser variable text from my Master Slide is displayed with 12px font-size - but since in the Storyline publishing settings for the player size I need to use "scale player to fit the browser window" the text looks tiny (because the browser is scaling down the whole content).

What worked for me so far is to use a very big text size, in this case 40pt, or even more - interestingly the variable text could keep the font size I set when it was that big. But obviously I don't need such a big text, so this isn't helping.

Maybe this is another hint for the Storyline developers. I hope this issue will be treated as top priority since it is known over two years now. Thanks!

Carina Koren

I found out now what is going wrong. In Storyline pt is used as the font size unit but when the course is published and viewed in a browser, a pixel value is used. The conversion from pt to px results in a point number (e.g. 34,5) instead of an integer (whole number like 35).

But browser only accept point numbers with a point, not with a comma. Storyline needs to style the text like this: "34.5px" --> I tried it out, it works perfectly then:

I hope this small change will be implemented in Storyline 2 soon.


As a workaround for anyone who needs a quick solution, use a pixel to point converter like this one:

Here you can at least find a value that will work in all browsers which comes near to your desired font size.

Brett Rockwood

That is very interesting. So if I understand by using a point size that equates to an integer pixel size the browser will be able to render it properly. So, for example, using a 14 point font will cause fractions in pixels which then doesn't display accurately? Am I better off using 13.5 pt or 15 pt which do resolve to whole number pixels?

Bret Jorgensen

Hello Carina, 

Thank you for detailed analysis and proposed workaround. We had yet to consider your idea in solving this recently discovered issue for our customers. So again, thank you. That said, development is aware of this and currently working on a permanent resolution.

Additional Workarounds:

  1. Change the UI to English and Publish.
    • Here's a link, although it displays how to change from Chinese to English. The descriptive text will walk you through the process.
    • This issue only exists in the non-English UI of our software
  2. Modify the CSS file after publish.
    • The output files reference the mobile/player.css file. Adding an override entry for the element in question will fix the issue as well. 
    • In your example you would add the following to the beginning of the player.css file:
    • .item unhideable vartext vtop.vertical-group p {font-size: 34.5px !important;}

Hopefully one of these paths will help you to move forward until we have a permanent fix released. 

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