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Feb 12, 2018

Hello All,

I am facing an issue of images not loading in HTML5 output. I upgraded Storyline 2 project to 360 (TinCan publish). Everything seems working fine but on most of the slides images doesn't load for HTML version when viewed from server. However it works fine from local. Flash version works well. I tested the module on Chrome and Firefox (latest version) with same result. Please see the error I see on Chrome.

An immediate help would be appreciated.  

Thanks in advance!

Manoj Pawar

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Manoj,

Happy to help you here. Are you on the latest update of Storyline 360? To check, click the Help tab, then click About Storyline. You should see 3.12.14647.0 in the bottom-right corner. 

If you're already on the latest update, please publish your file for Web and upload the zipped output to Tempshare. Do you see missing images when your file is hosted on Tempshare in Chrome?

If you'd like some help with that testing, feel free to attach your file here. 

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