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May 19, 2017

Hello everyone, I am working on updating our current Storyline 2 template into Storyline 3. I have opened the module using Storyline 3 and have had Storyline 3 do an update on the file. For some of our template functionality we are using a custom .js file which contains our functions. This file has been linked in the story_html5.html file following the guidelines from  As far as I am aware the player_compiled.js file from the Storyline 2 published output contained a line "set var player = {slideIndex: 0, currentTime: 0, ext }" which would allow for custom JS functions to be created using these values. Also this file contained a few player functions such as "player.restart = function() {...}" as well. player_compiled.js no longer exists in the Storyline 3 published output, so just wondering if the name has changed and how to access these values.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Christian, 

Storyline players get stored as an *.xml file on your local hard drive and added to the list of available players you can apply to any course. Custom players are stored here:


The player_complied.js is a part of the published output of and not something I can provide support for though - as we don't support editing it. Storyline 3 and Storyline 360 did include an entire rewrite to our publishing engine - so you may not find all the same files in the output. 

Here is some additional information on customizing a player in Storyline 3. 

Christian Cuneo

This topic seems is a similar issue to what we are experiencing. We have a file that we insert into the published output which holds our custom JS functions.

Example : player.SetVar("totalPages",story.allSlides.length - 5);
                 player.showSlideIndex(localCurPage + 3);

player.SetVar and player.GetVar are working fine. Has there been a resolution on how to pull information from the player?


gouri chaudhari

Hi Team,

Is there any update on the above mentioned issue?

I am facing the problem in updating the score value on LMS with the custom variable used in story file. It is working properly in storyline2 using below JS but not in storyline3.

var lmsapi = parent;

lmsapi.SCORM_SetScore(48, 100, 80);

your support/help is much appreciated.

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