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neda zare

Hi there

I want to thank your for answering the questions immediately, I appreciate
that. You make us feel like we are not alone.

I wonder if my report has been reached to you in the format of survey? You
sent a survey and there I wrote the shortcommings of storyline 2 that I
have met. Please inform me if you have fixed these issues.

Above all, I want to reemphasized the need of timer in the seekbar. I
really want this feature in my projects.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Neda! You are not alone in this active community :)

If you have submitted a survey and/or feature request for Storyline 2, then I'm sure that this was received by our team.

You can check out information on our updates and details here, but we do not share what features and fixes are to be released nor do we share the timeline for such.