Storyline 2 upgraded to Storyline 3

Nov 06, 2018

Does anyone know of certain "glitches" that might happen when you create training in Storyline 2 and then upgrade to Storyline 3 and republish training?

I did that, and for some reason the system's "Next" button doesn't like to work if a learner maximizes the new window pop-up to view the training.  It works just fine if they keep the pop-up window minimized.

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Katie Riggio

Hey, Sheri. So sorry you're running into that; I'd love to help investigate this with you!

First, could you share how you're publishing the course – is it for Web, LMS, or something else?

Next, I'd like to test your .story file in a similar environment to see if I can replicate the issue with the Next button. Feel free to either add the course to your reply by using the Add Attachment or send it privately via this link

Looking forward to troubleshooting and figuring out solutions!

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