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Mar 14, 2018

I have insert an MP4 video from a file onto a slide.  The video plays when I preview the slide.  However, after I publish the story to CD, the video does not show up when I run the .exe file.  The cursor changes to a finger in the area where the video is suppose to be but it is invisible.  The video is in the "story_contents" folder of the published file and plays from there.  BTW, I am using Windows 10 which may be the root of the problem.  Any help would be appreciated.

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Victor.  Can you let me know what update of Storyline 2 you're using?  Go to Help > About Articulate Storyline.  The current version is update 12.

I did a quick test, and the video played for me automatically when I launched the CD output.  Could you also share your .story file here for me to test on my end?  We'll try to get it sorted!

Victor Madison

I was told that the video would not play correctly if I ran the story from my hard drive since the story was published for CD.  The files need to be played on the output they were published to run on. It appears that this is true.  I tried to run the files from my hard drive and the story worked fine, but the video did not show.  I copied the same files to a flash drive and the video played every time without fail.  Any thoughts.

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Victor, 

Really strange that the video would not play on your local hard drive, but it would play from a flash drive! I wonder if you have security settings on your computer that are blocking the video from playing.

Would you mind sharing your file with us? I also have Windows 10, and I would like to test it from my computer, as well. 

Victor Madison

Alyssa:  There is obviously a "glitch" in my operating system that caused the video to show up blank.  I was about to upload a shortened version of the story so that you could test it on your computer and, wouldn't you know it, the video played like it suppose to.  I am sorry to waste your time but I can't seem to reproduce the error at this time - all is well.  Thanks..

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