Help - Insert Video, audio does not play

Sep 20, 2017

Hi... I am using Storyline 2, downloaded updates at the end of May which is listed as the last set of updates.  When I insert a video (mp4 file, but I've also tried a wmv), the video does not play audio (in the Edit Video function or in the Preview Slide function).  The video plays, with audio, without issue from the file itself so there is something happening with the insert feature on Storyline.  Any thoughts?

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Jenny Carlos

Hi Heather,

The usual suspect when a Video plays without audio in Storyline2 is a missing codec to play that audio.  Although generally mp4 and wmv are supported by storyline2, there are still some proprietary audio format that need particular codec. You can use and install K-Lite Codec Pack that generally supports most audio and video format. If after using it, the audio is still missing, you may use a codec detection utility like G-Spot app to know which codec is required. Search the internet for a download location and run it to hear the missing audio in your inserted video in storyline2.

Hope this helps.



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