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Michelle Jackson

Hi Terry, 

I need to import an alpha channel flv file.  

The only thing SL2 allows me to insert is mp4.  It won't allow me to insert any other file form.  So I am a bit confused as they say multiple file formats are compatible, but SL2 keeps telling me these file formats are not supported.

Terry Coe

I know that there are multiple different sound files that are available. But I have only tried MP4 for video, other than the built in screen recording feature native to SL2. Could you convert the file to an MP4 using Camtasia?

Otherwise,  I am sure one of the online staff will direct you to put in a feature request and give you a link to the location to do it.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michelle!

There may be times when you're unable to import an FLV video file from a third-party source, such as Adobe Connect. You'll see this error message:

"FileName.flv" does not appear to be a supported video format. Please select a video from one of the supported formats.

FLV is a supported format, but you'll see the error above if your Articulate software is unable to determine the duration of the video. To correct it, just change the file extension from FLV to either AVI or MOV, then import it into your Articulate project.

Here is the tutorial on adding videos to your project.


Michelle Jackson

I was able to insert the flv in SL1 and it does what I need it to do. Play
as an alpha over a background created on the screen.

Interesting that I can do this in SL1, but not SL2.

I am not able to change the file to another "format/extension" as I need it
to be alpha and flv file formats are the only ones able to do that.

I suppose I could develop these types of project assets in SL1 and import
them into SL2. Is that possible?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michelle!

FLV videos with alpha channel transparency are supported in Articulate Storyline's Flash and Articulate Mobile Player (AMP) output. There was an issue in earlier builds of Storyline where alpha channel transparency wasn't working as expected in published courses. This issue was fixed in Update 5