Storyline 3

We have a lot of courses authored in SL1 and SL2.  I believe most of us don't update all the SL1 courses to SL2 to do a minor tweak. There is too much chance that the update will cause hard-to-identify shifts of text and/or images, or more. It is clearly less work to do a minor update in SL1.

It would be so much more convenient if SL2 had a unique suffix... how about .story2 ?

Can't change that now, but when SL3 comes out, I hope Articulate will give .story3 a little consideration.


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Sam Carter

Hi Ashley,

I ran the SL1 Update 8 installation yesterday.  Now when I double-click a .story in Windows explorer, the default program that opens a .story file has switched from SL2 to SL1 ... another reason keeping the same suffix from one incompatible revision to the next is problematic.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sam,

Totally understand - and I have the same set up (since Storyline 2 actually). What I do when I want to open a Storyline 1 file is either open Storyline 1 and browse for it there or right click on the file and choose "open with" - I know the latter option hasn't worked for everyone depending on their system and settings. You could also set the default program that should open .story files from the Windows ->Program settings. My default is to open them all with Storyline 2.