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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Pamela,

I'm not familiar with this product, so I look forward to seeing what your fellow community members have to say about this integration.

I've seen a couple of conversations here and here that may help you get started or connect you to some fellow users.

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes by the way!

Neil Stadlman

If you've mastered CrazyTalk, then you're 90% there.  I use CrazyTalk 8 and CrazyTalk Animator.  Get familiar with the canvas size you want to use which may take a few initial trials.  I take my output and run it through REPLAY (part of the Articulate package) and then import it into RISE or Storyline.  As with all video, it may take a few attempts until you get comfortable with the process, but it's not what I would say cumbersome.

I have found a smaller canvas size to be more practical. My characters work great in RISE using the small video size.  You can always go crazy and export without a background and then layer it further using other video software and then bring into Storyline/Rise.

Trust the helps.