Storyline 3 and Storyline 360 compatibility

Aug 17, 2017


I am planning on upgrading my SL2 but not sure if I should go for the stand-alone SL3 licence or the full Articulate 360 package - I really only need the Storyline software for my work in translation.

My question is, if my customer is using SL3 to create the course and I then use SL360 to create the translations, will my customer be able to open the SL360 translated courses to update and publish (the only changes between the original and translated courses will be the language - settings should all stay the same).


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Susi B

Hi Sarah,

if you have a SL3 file and really only translate the text, there should not be any difficulty for your customer to use this file again and change something in it after translating. The "only" difference between SL3 and SL360 are new features which may be accessable first in SL360 like the tables were. If you use a feature (like content library persons etc.) that is not available in SL3 they get a message that a feature is used which they are not able to use (I think there is not yet a message on which slide this feature is).

In my company we use 1 Articulate 360 and 4 SL3 licences and it works very well. We got the 1 360 licence because of Review, which is really handy for checking the course before actually publishing it for our LMS or for sharing with a trainer/customer. I hope this helped a little. :)



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