Considering Upgrade from SL3 to SL360

Apr 22, 2021

Hi Team,

We are considering upgrading from SL3 to SL360. If we have a tone of SCORM files previously created in SL3, will we be able to update them using SL360 if we switch or will those documents only be editable in SL3?

Are there any notable issues/challenges with upgrading from SL3 to SL360?

Thanks in advance!

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Philip,

You shouldn't have any problems opening a SL3 file with SL360.

Note: There could be problems opening an SL360 file with SL3. That depends on whether the SL360 file uses functions that aren't available in SL3. So if you're going to upgrade and update a lot of files, you'll need to keep your SL360 license active.

I don't know of any issues/challenges with upgrading. There are a lot of benefits, like extra functionality, access to the media library, access to training, and access to other software in the 360 suite.