Storyline 3 Audio Editor problem

Oct 12, 2017

When I highlight and cut audio at the end of a clip, the entire clip disappears and Storyline 3 freezes. The only way that I can restore functionality is to reboot. Attached is a screenshot of the issue, including the timeline with the full audio visible. Has anyone experienced this issue? Is there a fix? It's getting old - I've had to reboot twice today.

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Crystal Horn

Hi Martha.  That sounds really aggravating.  Can I grab some details from you?

  • Have you tried deleting the audio file from that slide and reinserting it?
  • Can you insert the same audio file in another project and edit it?
  • Does this happen with any audio file?

I'm happy to have a look at your .story file for testing, also.  If you want to include the singled out audio file, that'd be great, too!

Martha Blow

Unfortunately, I can't send the file. The issue happens intermittently with various sound files. I haven't noticed if it's a file that's longer or shorter than a specific amount of time. They are all .wav files.

If I highlight and make a selection all the way to the right edge of the window, there's a good chance this problem will happen. (I use the editor for cutting phrases most of the time.) So I now highlight almost to the edge, hit the Play button, and if the selection plays then I can go ahead and cut the selection. If the selection won't play, then I have to adjust my highlighted area. This issue doesn't happen if I select audio on the left side of the window.

Alyssa Gomez

Yikes, really sorry that's happening! We'd like to try and help you sort this out so you don't have to continue using a workaround.

I completely understand you not being able to share you file publicly, but you always have the option to send it to us privately here. Even if you can send only one slide with audio, that would be helpful. Thanks!

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