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Chris Reynolds

Again the issue of timelines rears its head. The output from Rise didn't work on our platform and Review didn't offer the features we'd hoped for. Installing software in our corporate environment is an expensive process so we were only able to trial the cloud-based services during the trial period.

The unknown featureset, release date and price [of S3] put this into the red section on our risk matrix. Therefore, we cannot plan to buy it in FY17/18. There is a chance that we will have an operating surplus in the fourth quarter of the FY but that is a rare occurrence.

Don't get me wrong. I like Storyline as a piece of software and I really like the staff-assisted support that this forum provides, but the reality is we run to strict budgets and rely on vendors providing the information we need to plan our spending.

Sorry for sounding like a broken record, but the lack of roadmaps is a deal-breaker for us.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Chris, 

No apologies necessary, as I can certainly understand the position you're in. Although we don't have a release date to share yet, or an official "feature set" to point too, Storyline 3 will be released with the features you're seeing in Storyline 360 such as HTML5 only publishing, more interactions, updates to the trigger options, and more. The things you won't see included in Storyline 3 are items that are specific to Articulate 360, such integration with Content Library or Articulate Review. 

Also, this doesn't mean that Storyline 3 is newer or better  than Storyline 360 - they're different products and will follow different timelines for updates, features, and fixes. Storyline 360 will also have the continued connection with Articulate 360 and all the elements provided there. I know there has been a bit of confusion about that in ELH, and hopefully once SL3 is available it'll be a bit easier to showcase that! 

Our Success team may be able to help share a bit more information about historical pricing and what your current pricing/license would allow in terms of upgrades, so I'd suggest touching base with them here!