Storyline 3: Change thumbnail outline? Go to next slide without thumbnail? Change autoslide numbering?

Jun 27, 2020


I have three simple (I hope) questions.

1. I see a thin blue outline around the selected thumbnail in the slide thumbnails panel.  Can the colour and size of the outline be changed?

2. Is it possible to go to the next (or previous) slide without having to go to the slide thumbnails panel?

3. Slides have an autonumber that includes the scene #: for example, 1.2 for slide 2 in scene 1.  Is there anyway to remove the scene # so that the Player autonumbering shows only whole numbers?  (There is only 1 scene in the course.)



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Judy Nollet

Hi, Rick,

1. Alas, there's no way to change the color and size of the selected-thumbnail outline. I'll bet someone from the staff would say, "Submit a feature request."

2. To go to another slide while editing, you either select its thumbnail or double-click it in Story View.  You can also move between slides when their tabs appear above the slide-editing area. But, unlike PowerPoint, there are no buttons for going to the next or previous slide while editing.

3. Hurray! I have an answer you'll like for this one. In the Player Menu, you can show the numbering simply as 1, 2, etc. (instead of 1.1, 1.2, etc.). Here's how to do that in the Menu settings in the Player.

Judy Nollet

I'm glad to reach 100% (even if it is with questionable math). 

FYI: The Menu lets you hide individual slides, scene titles, and/or even hide entire scenes. You can also rearrange the order. Don't be afraid to play around with those settings. The little button in the lower right lets you reset the entire Menu back to the default (all scenes/slides). You can always re-tweak from there. 

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