Storyline 3 - Delay in result slide

Feb 08, 2020


I have a course with a result slide and with a triger - "Submit result slide when timeline starts on the slide"

When i publish the course to tincan, and upload it to LMS, the result is displayed on the LMS only if the result slide is open for a few seconds (around 10 seconds and up)
If I close the result slide after a second or  two, the result will not be displayed.

Any idea how to handle this problem?


thank you in advance


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Judy Nollet

Does the Results slide have a long timeline?  If so, try shortening it so the slide loads completely within a second. 

I recall seeing a suggestion in the early days of Studio and Storyline to include one slide after the Results slide, to ensure the Results were properly set. So I got in the habit of putting a note on the Results slide's Success layer that says "Click Next to complete this course and submit your score." That next slide provides typical end-of-course info. Doing something like that might also help.

Good luck!

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