Storyline 3 Drop Registration (or placement)

Hello. I am a convert from Captivate. I am finding it difficult to use the drag and drop tools in SL3. I would like to have a dropped drag object not obscure the text that is the drop target. This is because user feedback said not being able to read a definition once something has been placed on the drop target is a no-no.

In captivate, I could set an offset to the center of the drop target, meaning the dropped object sat alongside the actual drop target rather than on it. I can make it align to the start of the box but it still obscures the text in the drop target. I can't seem to find out a way of doing this? I have tried to alter states but that is messy and just not a reliable method. Can anyone help me?

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Donald,

Happy to jump in to help! 

There are a couple of approaches that I hope will help with the design you are after. There is a way to allow the dropped object to be stacked offset on the drop target. Here is how you can adjust the Drag & Drop settings: 

  1. Click on your Drag & Drop object and navigate to the Design Tab.
  2. Click on Drag & Drop Options
  3. A prompt will appear, allowing you to make changes to the Drag & Drop interaction.

Another idea is to instead use hot spots as your drop target. The hot spot can be placed near the answer, so the dropped object doesn't block the text when it is dropped. You can find more details about Hot Spots here: 

I hope this helps, and please let us know if you have any questions!