Storyline 3 Error: Available Memory is Low

May 30, 2017


We are getting this error on a machine that is running Windows 10.  It is an HP Z600 workstation, has dual Xeon processors and 32Gb of RAM.  Storyline is the only application running.  Every time we get this error it is not possible to save the file (we are lucky to get a file recovery though).

This error only occurs with Storyline 3.  When we check the memory availability, we have more than 28Gb free.


Grateful to know if anyone else has such issues?



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Sandra Loach

Just to add to Phil's reply, I would say it's more likely to be your project size that is causing the issue as I had this with a particularly large project. I resorted to amending the file name every time I saved it just to get it to save and not corrupt the file.

I do regularly delete the cache on my laptop to release space on my laptop (I save my projects to a network folder), but this didn't resolve the issue with the large project file that wouldn't save.