Storyline 3 - Maintaining State When Moving to New Scene and Returning Back to Main Scene.

Jul 23, 2020

I am using Storyline 3.  I have a Main slide with 8 images on it.  When an image is selected, the user is taken to a new scene.  At the end of each scene the user is directed back to the Main slide.  I would like a check mark to appear over each image that has been selected and when all images have been selected the Next button will become active to allow the user to advance in the scene that contains the Main slide.  I have activated checkmarks over the selected images on each slide using two methods.  The first by assigning variables and making the check appear (as a layer) when the value of the variable associated to the selected image changes to true.  The second method is by using hotspots to change an associated checkmark from hidden to normal view when the hotspot is selected.  The checkmarks disappear when returning to the Main slide after completing a scene linked to an image.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.  I have attached a proof of concept file using the second method described above.  

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Rob,

The attached file shows how I would program this. Here's a quick rundown:

  • Add a Visited state to each clickable character, and put the checkmark there.
  • Use variables to track completion of the scenes. 
  • Disable the Next button if any of the variables is False (i.e., use "OR" between the conditions). 
  • Enable the Next button when all of the variables are True (i.e., use "AND" between the conditions).
  • FYI: I put the Next-related triggers on a blank layer. There's a note on that layer (off-screen) that explains why. 

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