xAPI export of Storyline 3 mobile player not adapting to window size / not telling user to tilt screen

Hi there, 
I have been playing around with SL3 but am having problems with the following:

1 - on mobile portrait it snot telling me to tilt the screen 

2 - the slide is larger that the screen and so the bottom of the slide is not visible. 

Attached is are the examples of what I mean. 

Has anyone else had the same problem? 

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Susana,

Again, my apologies for the delay. I just responded as a part of your Support case - so you should see an email from Support@articulate.com

The difference I was seeing seems to be how the content is embedded on the page in your site. That's causing some challenges with Storyline 3's responsive design to assess size and orientation. I sent you a link to test it at my Articulate Online account - so please let me know how that displays for you! 

susana mascarenhas

Hi Ashley, 
just a quick update. We have found a solution to our problem!

For the benefit of clarity to anyone else reading this port, we are using GrassBladeNEWBK - xAPI Companion plugin in WordPress. 

The plugin launches the content in an iframe and this was the problem with the sizing. 

We have found that by increasing the default width and height of iframe in which content is launched to 100% instead of a set pixel size did the trick. 

We still don't get the option to tell the user to tilt the screen, but we can live with that!

Thanks for your help.