Storyline 3 producing fuzzy images when previewed of published in newer versions of similar files

Aug 10, 2019

Parameters of issue:

  • Storyline 3 (update 6: 3.6.18134.0), publishing at 100% image quality
  • Using png-24 images at 100%; no resizing in SL
  • Images look fine when imported; fuzzy when previewing or published
  • .story file of exact same images published in 2/2019 looked sharp; however, if I now preview that .story file the images are fuzzy. The published version from 2/2019 looks sharp.
  • Using exact same process both in .story file from 2/2019 and present file.
  • The only change in my system during this period of time has been Windows updates.

Please see attachments showing differences between what was and what is now occurring.

Thank you.

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Gerry Wasiluk

Understood. :)  I was just trying to offer something that might work or be acceptable as an interim until this gets addressed. 

For screenprints of documents and web sites, lately I've found EMF's (or Windows Enhanced Metafiles) to sometimes be slightly better than PNGs.  Not perfect but often better.

Here's a sample:


Gerry Wasiluk

Another thing that may work in general as an interim until this is addressed:  Use the Classic Player and not the Modern Player.  


Have the Classic Player at a fixed size that works well with the size of your screen caps.  Don't have it fill the screen unless it has to fit that way in an LMS course player frame.

The Modern Player always fills the screen and sometimes this scaling up can cause fidelity issues.

Ren Gomez
Hi Richard,
Popping in here to let you know we just released Update 7 for Storyline 3Here are the details.
It includes the fix we made in Storyline 360 that addresses an issue where text and images could be blurry when viewing a course in Google Chrome or Safari.
Please download the latest version and let us know if you have any questions, either here or by reaching out to our Support Engineers directly. 
Katie Riggio

Hi there, Jennifer. So sorry you're running into that on the latest update!

With the latest version of Storyline 360, you should see crisp images when following these best practices. I've opened a case with our Engineers so we can have a thorough look at what's happening with the quality.

Look out for an email with next steps; and since you have Articulate 360 for Teams, you'll get priority support!

Katie Riggio

Hi there, David. Happy to look into the quality with you!

Would you mind sharing a sample .story file with us? It'll help us get a clear picture of what you're seeing, and we'll delete the course after troubleshooting. We'll also check out the slide and image dimensions.

You can send it privately by using this link or share it publicly here. We're excited to help!

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