Storyline 3 : Redacted Phone numbers

Oct 30, 2017

I have an interesting situation - when our viewers watch our Storyline 3 content on the internet through our LMS (Cornerstone) and a slide comes up with a phone number on it, you'll see that phone number for a while, but then it will disappear and the text after it (until the EOL) will be stretched and garbled to account for the now-missing characters.

We have determined that when our viewers have Skype installed as well as the plugin "Lync Click to Call" installed in their browsers (this happens automatically when you accept a Skype call from within your browser, even if you already have the Skype application installed), the phone number becomes "clickable", but then (we think...) Windows Defender overrides this clickable-ness and simply removes the text.  Our solution was to replace one of the middle dashes in the phone number with an "en-dash", which looks like a dash, but makes the browser not see the phone number (and thus not make it clickable).

Anyone else having this new issue?

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