Skype Extension Hiding Phone Numbers Included in Elearning Module

Hello All!

I have recently encountered an issue when publishing a course. When I include a phone number, and export using HTML 5, the browser extensions in Edge, and Internet Explorer hides the number. The number does not happen immediately, but after a few moments when  Link browser helper and Link Click to Call Extensions has had time to troll through the page.

I found a string of html code that was solved the issue in Edge, but not explorer.

This is the code: (source

<meta name="format-detection" content="telephone=no"/>

Has anyone faced this issue as well, and found a resolution? Thank you!


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Joshua Gilbreath

Hello Michael! That was my first response as well, but the numbers were situated in a way that image replacement wasn't practical.

I did find that if I manually entered a n dash, using alt+0150  between the numbers to break up the characters, it did stop the extension from causing the issue.

Thank you for the suggestion Michael, appreciate the feedback.

Michael Anderson

We must think alike, because I was going to suggest trying the alt codes for the numbers next, but doing that just for the dash is even better. :)  I wondered if Storyline would render the alt codes properly, glad to hear that it does, as that's a much easier solution than converting the number to an image.