Hosting Storyline Courses on SharePoint Online

May 05, 2020


This topic has been covered extensively in the forums, but I have yet to find a solution that works today.

Does anyone know how to host Storyline courses on SharePoint Online?

We've tried changing all .html file extensions to .aspx, including within the files themselves.

When we upload the courses to SharePoint, and then click on the story.html or story_html5.html files, the individual .html files start downloading to our local machine, rather than playing the course.

We published with Storyline 3 and have tried using Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Internet Explorer.

Thanks for the help,


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Toby Hone

Hi there, we use Sharepoint and Teams extensively. IT have forbidden us to use Articulate unless we host it within that environment. So Articulate has turned into a white elephant until we find a fix.

The solution we are likely to adopt is to pay money for an LMS within the Sharepoint ecosystem. A couple of options so far;

LMS3655 - this is the bee's knees and duck's guts benchmark LMS for Teams - works seamlessly within Teams, but costs lots (for 100 users, about $15k in the first year and $8k every year afterwards)

Moodle app for Teams - theoretically free, but IT have said they need to pay for Azure hosting, so not free. Not sure how much it is but I'm guessing less than LMS365. It won't have all the features of LMS365 though.

MS Learning Pathways - According to IT this can host SCORM, but I'm yet to be convinced of this.

Sandra Leiper

Hi,  I've uploaded SL360 to SharePoint for years, so perhaps I'm missing an important detail about your issue but here's how I do it:

  • In SL360, publish the course to 'Web' to a folder on your C Drive.

SL360 packages the course in one folder ending with "- storyline output"

  • Right click on that main folder and select Copy
  • Paste the folder into a SharePoint Library - you can only do this via Windows Explorer, so you'll need to have the SharePoint library accessible there.  If you try to upload the folder into the SharePoint browser, you'll lose files.
  • If you have 'Checking Out' required for that library, you'll need to check in all the files (look inside all the sub-folders, too) Personally, I remove the requirement to check out/in documents to avoid this extra work, as there's typically 100+ files.
  • You're ready to send the SharePoint link to learners via email (or post it to a List, Word document, etc.). 

The link to open the course is for the file labeled "story", or "story.html, or "story.html5" found in the first level of the main folder.  In the SharePoint browser, click the "..." and copy the URL provided.


Note: I do all my SP work in IE, as it's buggy using Chrome. I've never changed file extensions and have always had courses open and work as expected.  Learners can use Chrome to open the course, though.  I'm not sure about other browsers.

I hope this helps :-)

Russell Engoran

I had the same issue with the course files just downloading instead of running in the browser on sharepoint. For me, it turned out to be a sharepoint setting. MY IT department had disabled javascript from running by default. So, they set up a section for me that allowed javascript and it worked from there on.

Rise 0

Sometimes feels like a russian doll to work with sharepoint/IT.. limits more then enables you..
What i do instead of sharepoint, is webobjects in storyline,  publish to review that i in turn put in rise and from there into LMS or just a share link with password with LMS check back to acknowledge and track completion..

hence the Russian doll..

None of this should be needed in a 2022 and onwards environment. Lets hope the rise online library feature that Articulate is working on can be more open functionality and what we can store and run from there. Linked content would make the scorm packages tiny ...

IT has already approved all Articulate use so we should be good to go..